New Property Q & A

Does Journey add any value to the Downtown area?

  • Journey brings about 400 people to downtown Camas each Sunday and many others during the week, expanding their awareness and utilizing local businesses.
  • Journey allows the Downtown Camas Association to use our space rent free for First Fridays, supporting the monthly business-driven events.
  • Other organizations such as Blood Works NW and Columbia Play Project use Journey space free of charge, increasing traffic in downtown Camas.
  • Journey hosts and provides food, beverages, and volunteers for major Camas community events, including Camas Spring Cleanup and Hometown Holidays, further supporting retail and business promotion in downtown Camas.
  • Journey provides complimentary childcare for “Parents Night Out” events, giving parents the opportunity to patronize local businesses.
  • Journey has a paid membership in the Downtown Camas Association.
  • Journey provides invaluable services, groups, counseling, and emotional support to Camas residents.
  • Journey provides over 200 food baskets valued at more than $20,000 a year to the community through Camas schools, feeding families in need.

Will the purchase of the Camas Slices building deprive the community of tax revenue?

  • The building was purchased by JCC Holdings, a taxable entity associated with Journey. Therefore, taxes will be paid on this building, as is the case with the other buildings currently owned by JCC Holdings, including the office building, the 334 space, and the art gallery. JCC Holdings has paid over $60,000 in property taxes since purchasing the 328 NE 4th Avenue site.
  • Additionally, JCC Holding’s intent is to operate a public-facing business out of the building that will generate further sales tax revenue.

Will Journey’s purchase of the Camas Slices building hurt the downtown vibe by replacing a thriving community business with a members-only youth center?

  • Camas Slices publicly said that the business had challenges. Before closing, they had reduced their operating hours to four days a week.
  • Journey has no plans to operate a members-only youth center.
  • JCC Holdings’ intent is to operate a public-facing business out of the former Camas Slices space that will provide value and add to the community vibe, while also providing much needed space for more than 400 Journey members and visitors on Sunday mornings.

Did Journey put Camas Slices out of business?

  • The owners of Camas Slices made a personal decision to close the business and sell the building. Journey Church had no prior dialog with the owners, nor did they impact their decision.
  • The Camas Slices building was put on the open market and JCC Holdings legitimately purchased the building by tendering an offer that was accepted by the owners.

Does JCC Holdings refuse to allow any business to open they don’t agree with, and did they run off the cake shop and the dance studio?

  • Businesses and churches operate by values that fit their unique purposes. Just as any retailer selects products that meet their brand, JCC Holdings may select tenants that align with their values.
  • Both the cake shop, and the dance studio were valued tenants. The dance studio chose to leave because they needed more space. The cake shop and Journey mutually agreed not to renew their lease due to various business decisions.

Did Journey buy the Camas Slices building as part of a downtown takeover?

  • Journey has no interest in “taking over” the downtown and has no plans to buy more buildings. Journey’s desire is to continue being an integral part of a thriving downtown community.
  • Journey has been experiencing tremendous growth and the Camas Slices space was purchased by JCC Holdings to help accommodate this growth, while also providing a beneficial public-facing business that adds value to the community.

Journey welcomes the community’s ideas for the public-facing business in our new space and has been holding focus groups to listen to downtown business owners and others. Please send your ideas to us at