Day 40

John 21:15-25

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Mike Kalish - March 30th, 2024 at 12:16pm

Thank you, Pastor Adrian, for the opportunity to go through this hear verses being read and brought to life by you and others. It's been a learning experience for me, as well as a challenge to digest what is being said, to find meaning as It applies to our lives both here on earth and ultimately in heaven.

I know that many tune in, watch the video and read the comments, but don't participate. I would urge them to comment. Give others a chance to know you and give yourself a chance to express things that you didn't even know were in there. I have often been surprised at my own comments, which have made me aware of things that I didn't even know I thought or felt. It's a very healthy exercise and I hope next time there will be many more comments. Happy Easter to all. This is only my third one as a Christian and it's become incredibly special. Thanks again, PA, for making it even more so through this 40 day journey.

Noel LaChance - March 30th, 2024 at 12:20pm

Yes, I think most or maybe all of us fall into the comparison trap sometimes, but I think we can avoid that if we just focus on Jesus and a relationship with Him and within that relationship if we respond to His voice and leading in our daily lives and activities we will find ourselves where we should be in due time. We lose time and we get side-tracked when we look at others and when we do not listen to what He is saying to us everyday.