Day 36

John 19:28-42

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Noel LaChance - March 26th, 2024 at 2:07pm

The graphic description of Jesus suffering on the cross should grab everyone's attention. Notice also that Jesus died when he chose to die. He suffered immense beating and torture and after going through all of that He still was alive and spoke to Mary and John instructing them to care for each other and after receiving vinegar, "He bowed His head and gave up the ghost."

Adrian Bucur - March 26th, 2024 at 3:37pm


Thank you for the reminder of Jesus’ words, “it is finished.” Those words could be the greatest words ever spoken, or they could be the worst words ever spoken. For example, when you’re at an exciting ball game or a great concert the last thing you wanna hear is, it is finished. When you’re at the dentist getting a root canal or waiting for the surgeons report… the most exciting words you can hear are it is finished.

Both were the case with Jesus on the cross. The religious leaders and blood thirsty Romans would have not welcomed, it is finished so soon. The women and John couldn’t wait for the agony of their friend to be over. So it is finished wouldn’t have come soon enough.

For heaven, “it is finished” was the best news. It is finished, or as Jesus said, “Tetelestai” meant humanities sin, humanities bill was paid In full.

I remember reading once that in New Testament times, business documents or receipts in New Testament times started with this word to indicate that a bill had been paid in full.

In other words, this phrase is the receipt that our payment was accounted for. Right now I’m on Costco checking out and they will ask for my receipt as I leave. They will make a scribble line and smiley face on it indicating on it- I’m good.

What an awesome visual for when I get to heaven, and I’m asked for my receipt…. Tetelestai and with a smile and wave I’m welcome into eternity.

Glory be to God.