Day 31

John 16:16-33

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Mike Kalish - March 20th, 2024 at 9:37am

This is the season when we focus on His crucifixion and resurrection and I agree, Trish, we can't thank Him enough for His sacrifice. This comment may not be directly related, but I'd like to express it. Even while Christ was on the cross suffering, He had enough love to save the thief on the cross next to Him. In a recent bible study, I heard a man say, "That thief was in the right place at the right time", referring to his being saved so shortly before his death. And I found myself agreeing. Then it hit me.....this man was also suffering a brutal and painful death, and yet we can say that even hanging on the cross, he was "in the right place at the right time" because he was "fortunate" enough to be next to Jesus. So if he can be suffering so much yet be considered fortunate to be close to Jesus, what about us? When we're suffering in some way, shouldn't we also consider ourselves fortunate to be close to fact, to have the Holy Spirit IN us? I hope this isn't too far off topic, but it's certainly relevant to the season, and it was so mind boggling to me that I needed to share it.

Noel LaChance - March 20th, 2024 at 11:51am

Yes, Easter is a special day for most families, even non-believers as people scurry about involved in many activities. For some, it has no meaning. For others it is about bunnies and Easter egg hunts. For others, it is a special reason and time to get together with family and friends. For others, it is a celebration of life. For others it is a commemoration of the death of Jesus on the cross. But as you said Trish, it should be more than an item we check off on our routine for the day. Much of these things are ok, fine or good, but above all we need to personally join our hearts together with the Lord and thank God for the amazing sacrifice which Jesus paid on the cross and draw near to Him with our hearts, and thank Him for the gift of life He gave us through His death and the victory over sin and death and celebrate life and freedom that is paid for and given to us now.


christine - March 20th, 2024 at 12:40pm

we are making Easter special by listening to Journey's daily devotions!